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Call loyalty test


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How faithful is your partner? Just signs, such as frequent phone calls or leaving the room during a phone call, can make you suspicious over time. And this is exactly where we can help, with a loyalty test. This is a call loyalty test. Depending on the gender of the target person, the call is made by a female or a male employee of ours. The functionality of a call loyalty test is very simple. This is how we will make an accidental call. With the accidental call, we will make an attempt to engage the target in conversation. The conversation is designed in this way so that it comes to a flirt. But it doesn’t have to stop at a one-time call loyalty test. Here we take precautions and create a separate cell phone number for the call loyalty test. With the cell phone number there is the possibility of a callback from the test person. Of course, we document the entire call loyalty test for you. The documentation is done by means of a transcript of the spoken word. This allows you to see if your partner was actually faithful or if there was some flirting going on. And from the documentation, you can also see what was said during the call loyalty test.

Conducting a loyalty test, such as a call loyalty test is of course always a delicate matter. On the one hand, because you do not know the result, but also if your partner finds out about it. Then the relationship of trust can be permanently disturbed. But you don’t have to worry about that with our loyalty test. We conduct the loyalty test professionally, the target will not notice or know about the loyalty test at any time. We carry out the order completely anonymously. We can guarantee that at any time.


The ordering process:

For the execution of a call loyalty test we need some data from you. In addition to the phone number of the target person, we need a few more pieces of information about the target person for the execution. This may include, for example, the name or corresponding preferences and interests. Such information can be helpful in the loyalty test. Besides the information that you can enter in a form in the order process, the ordering process is very simple. Thus, in addition to the information, you only need to enter your personal data in the order form and perform the payment process. At this point we would like to draw your attention to our extra service. If the call loyalty test is to be carried out quickly, then our express service for 29 euros is a very good option here. Here we execute the order immediately after the order is placed. This will quickly give you a clear picture of the fidelity of your partner. But this is only one service we offer, another is the foreign language. If the partner is to be called in a foreign language, we can also offer this service for an additional charge of 19 Euros.




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