SMS loyalty test

SMS loyalty test


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The partner sends many SMS messages and you do not know with whom? If you suspect a lack of fidelity, then it’s time for a fidelity test. Because nothing is worse than living with the suspicion of lack of fidelity. After all, it not only makes you unhappy, it also destroys trust in your partner and love. But it doesn’t have to come to that, because we can provide evidence. Be it for the lack of fidelity or so that the suspicion is false. For this purpose we can offer you an SMS loyalty test. For an SMS loyalty test, we use a mobile number that is neutral. A neutral cell phone number is very important in a loyalty test, because this way it cannot be traced. For an SMS loyalty test we need the cell phone number of the target person, but also some information. Information is necessary to be able to get into contact in the context of an accidental SMS. Further messages then test whether or not the target person will engage in a flirtation. The SMS loyalty test can be in German, but also in another language. If you need the SMS loyalty test in a foreign language, we can offer you this service. All you have to do is book the “Foreign language” extra in the shopping cart at a price of 19 euros.

In total, the SMS loyalty test includes about 30 messages. The loyalty test is carried out anonymously. This means for you, we will not share your data and the target person will not find out about this loyalty test at all. Here you do not need to be afraid so that the target can learn about it. Confidentiality is what we value most in any loyalty test. Of course, a loyalty test must not lack documentation. How your partner behaved in the fidelity test, you can see from the detailed documentation from us.


The ordering process:

To get started with the SMS loyalty test, you just need to go through the order process. Simply add the SMS loyalty test to your shopping cart. If you still want an extra such as foreign language or an express service, you must also add this to the shopping cart. Once you have added the loyalty test to your shopping cart, you will need to fill out a form afterwards. This contains necessary data that we need for the execution of the order. This necessary data includes, for example, the cell phone number that we need. However, information about the target person himself is also important for us. Information about the target person is important in order to be able to select the right approach in the loyalty test




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