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Facebook loyalty test


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Over 30 million people, from Germany alone, use Facebook. Facebook as a social medium offers a wide range of possibilities. Be it the direct search for other people, but also groups and sites. Finding people is particularly easy on Facebook, due to the large number of functions. One of these functions is dating, for example. It’s easy to fall in love or start an affair on Facebook. If you are in a partnership or marriage and suspect that your partner is unfaithful, we can test this. To do this, we conduct a Facebook loyalty test.

A prerequisite for carrying out a Facebook loyalty test is, of course, that the target person also has a profile on Facebook. If that is the case, there are several approaches we take here. Basically, we use a test account of a female or male tester for the Facebook loyalty test, depending on the target person. One option we use, for example, is to send a friend request to the target group. If there is the possibility to “Like” existing images due to the profile settings, we will also use this. And finally there is the variant of the direct message. Here we can also use different options, such as sending a photo. The goal, which is pursued, is the establishment of a conversation or even a flirt. There is no limit to the number of messages in the Facebook Loyalty Test. The loyalty test is not over until we have used all the options.

We will inform you in detail about the result of the loyalty test. For this purpose, we document the loyalty test in detail. This way you can track step by step what happened during the Facebook loyalty test. However, it is not only the documentation that is important in a Facebook loyalty test, but also the confidentiality. We handle their data confidentially. This includes making sure that the target person does not find out about the Facebook loyalty test at any time.


The ordering process:

You can easily book the loyalty test by adding this service to your shopping cart. If you don’t want just the Facebook loyalty test, there are also various extras you can choose between. In addition to the extras already mentioned, we also offer an express service, transcription of voice notes and, finally, implementation in a foreign language. The extras are associated with additional costs. If the Facebook loyalty test is to be carried out quickly, then this is possible with the express service. Within a short time we carry out the order here. But for this to happen, you need to go through the ordering process completely. This includes after the shopping cart, filling out a form for the Facebook loyalty test. The form is necessary to have all the information about the target person that we need for the loyalty test. This starts with the name of the target. Once the form has been filled out, the only thing missing is the payment process and the loyalty test can begin.




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