Why do men cheat?

In fact, typical behavioral patterns of cheaters can be identified when the controversial thesis that men are not suitable for monogamy is rejected.
There are a few factors that, although not every man will experience them, are extremely common catalysts for infidelity.
And in fact, some have to do with the current relationship. But others don’t, so “Why do men cheat?”….

Unfortunately, it is often sexual frustration that leads men to seek happiness in other people’s beds. Expert Helen Croydon says, “Bad sex in a relationship is the main selling point of scammers, especially men looking for romance online.” According to the expert, reasons such as “the physicality was gone at some point” or “our sex was very routine and well-rehearsed” are very often given here.

The likelihood of being unfaithful is increased by a rough childhood or personality problems.
Extremes are encouraged by social media and the lack of defined boundaries.
Often men cheat because they do not find fulfillment in their marriage or because they feel they are in a toxic relationship. A man has often tried many things to save the relationship. Or he had doubts about whether marriage was the right decision. It is sometimes difficult for men, too, when a new baby demands the mother’s full attention. Many men can not put these feelings into words.

When it comes to cheating, men often regret their childhood decisions.
People who were neglected, abused, or betrayed by their parents as children have a hard time maintaining their own relationships as adults.
Less often, the scammer does not care about monogamy or the implications.
Feeling unloved and desired or simply taken for granted is another risk factor for flingers. It may sound cliché, but Helen Croydon confirms, “Think of the bored couple where he doesn’t even realize she has a new haircut. Or the busy man who has to do all sorts of extra chores around the house weekends to keep the kids entertained, it’s these couples who complain that their relationship has become merely functional, they miss the romance of yore – and end up looking elsewhere.

In the affected couples, everything that helps the other person feel loved and respected in the community has been abandoned.
Instead of consideration and respect, comfort and habit.
And then things start to go wrong.
After all, we all want to be valued, respected and appreciated.
Unfortunately, if one of you cannot evoke this feeling in the other, the partner may find it elsewhere.
The physical manifestation of love is more significant for men than for women.
They are more inclined to have affairs than women because they are often looking for more attention or sex.
Sometimes lacking the right words, they use sex as an expression of intimacy and connection. There are many reasons for sexual reticence in women. But when men often experience rejection of their desire for sex in their relationship, they take it very personally and feel unloved as a result. For them, an affair is often primarily about sex.
Women, on the other hand, seek emotional connection more than physical intimacy.
A woman who is prone to adultery seeks an affair to satisfy her desire to be loved and desired.
Therefore, women are more likely to use infidelity as a means to end a relationship.
She is said to find it easier to dissolve her marriage to the man with whom she had an affair.
However, she usually has no intention of staying with him much longer.
This is indeed more than sobering.

Perhaps it would be easier to understand if it were just about sex and not about the pursuit of romance and sparks.
But in the end, we will all have to admit that in long-term relationships we simply lack the exciting, the new. The long-term partner is known and accustomed. Helen Croydon says, “Sad but true, too much intimacy can cause passion to wane. And this despite the fact that we all long to be truly familiar and close to someone. Small consolation: it’s not that hard to have your own partnership away from the TV – evenings together in sweatpants, household plans and cuddling in socks.
Men are often motivated by the boredom and routine that have crept into their long-standing marriage when love fades.
You even think that adultery will make sex more enjoyable in their marriage.
They want to bring back the lack of sexuality in their relationship.
However, there are numerous other problems in a relationship that can waste love and increase the likelihood of adultery.
We call these “relationship brakes” because once you experience them, there is no saving your relationship, no matter how much effort you put in.
You won’t really move forward until the brakes are released.
It’s fantastic to let the other person know that you want to live your life with them, possibly forever.
Unfortunately, it can also cause panic to spread to the other end.
According to Helen Croydon, men mistakenly believe that they owe it to themselves to return to their old behaviors and lifestyles, and that this will ultimately make them more obedient.

Because having one last affair won’t make anyone feel more successful or like they’ve blown off steam.
If you think that your man has these worries and ideas, the expert advises you to use his desire for sex and conquest for selfish purposes.
However, despite the variety of symptoms and supposedly different causes, some patterns can be found.
Unsatisfied needs are therefore one of the main reasons why a man has problems in his marriage.
He often fails to communicate his demands, which contributes to his experience.
Instead, he assumes that his spouse is aware of his problems.
Or he shies away from conflict and does not manage to address a problem directly. Some men are adept at avoiding conflict and running away from it rather than seeking open confrontation.

Our relationships go through good and terrible moments for each of us.
This is quite typical and under these circumstances it would be far too easy to openly question the whole partnership and love.
But it is also not unexpected that men continue to cheat for these reasons and look for other sources of wealth.
All that energy that goes into infidelity could be better used to save the relationship, according to Helen Croydon. “It’s pretty silly for someone who is struggling in a relationship to jump into an affair. This draws attention to the new person for a moment and the person thinks that this is the way to solve his problems.
This would be more beneficial in the long run than a short trip.


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