These can be the first signs of infidelity. Basically, even a fidelity test without signs makes sense to plan the future without worries! We have some regular customers who book a loyalty test through us at the very beginning of a relationship. This way you know directly where you stand without being disappointed.

  • Emotional fluctuations

The permanent “hiding” and lying puts some people but quite. Especially when the cheated on person realizes that something is wrong, this can lead to emotional swings.

  • Suddenly more or less sex

Often, their sex life can also change when their counterpart cheats. There are two variants here. 1) Cheaters often have a guilty conscience and want to shower their counterpart with affection (sex). 2) Cheaters enjoy their new sex life so much that they have no interest in their old sex life. The frequency of sexual affection decreases.

  • Generosity & Gifts

Since an affair takes time, your counterpart tries to make up for the time they lack together by giving generous gifts! On the one hand, this is to clear the guilty conscience, and on the other hand, to buy time.

  • Changed smartphone behavior

Suddenly a new code? The smartphone is taboo from now on or before they are allowed, the partner must still urgently? The cell phone is hidden? He or she often goes out alone to make phone calls? All these can be signs!

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