Does a loyalty test really make sense?

Before you seek expert help for the loyalty test, you can play detective and investigate yourself.
Typically, men who start an affair or like to flirt with other women leave marks on a woman’s phone.
You just forget it right away or don’t know that transmitted messages are automatically saved and stored in another folder.
So get familiar with his phone and do a comprehensive search.
With a simple check, many guys fail the loyalty test.
It is more difficult to access his email account.

But since he believes that his contacts there are safe, rumors about possible affairs are even more likely to do the rounds there.
Many partners often choose to participate in a fidelity test when concerns and confusion arise in a partnership.
Professional decoys evaluate the other person’s devotion and quickly determine if the supposedly unfaithful partner is open to flirting or more.
What seems simple and uncomplicated at first glance, however, turns out on closer inspection to be an indicator that the basis of trust in a relationship has already been severely damaged. If you are looking for a reliable loyalty tester, DeFacto detective agency is your contact. Our private detectives quickly provide you with certainty
Often people come to a point in a relationship where they question their partner’s faithfulness. Sometimes even small changes in behavior are enough to trigger suspicion. And at some point the uncertainty becomes almost unbearable.

Of course, we are aware that the decision for a loyalty test is by no means easy. There is at least some likelihood that you are in the exact situation where you are considering ordering just such a test.
In any case, you looked up the term “loyalty test” because you were thinking about it . After all, the experts care about something.
You would never consider a fidelity test if you didn’t care about the partner. But you feel uncomfortable and may be looking for someone who can give you certainty.

Of course, a fidelity test – like any other test involving people – cannot always be a guarantee. Please note that the rejection of our loyalty testers by the tested person does not automatically mean that he or she is loyal. It is also conceivable that the situation or mood is just not right. If a loyalty test is positive for you, i.e. our tester is rejected, we will of course repeat the test with another tester at a later date.
When it is discovered that a partner is living two lives, this discovery hurts not only that person, but also his or her own ego.
Understandably, many who have already been through this prefer to take it easy until they are ready to enter into a new, committed relationship.
“Trust is good, control is better” can help get the bruised ego back on track here.
The experts will be happy to advise you on what Deinganz’s personal loyalty test can look like and how we can specifically proceed and document it. Initial questions help to assess the situation.
Rather unlikely and more likely from earlier times, phone numbers are in your pocket. Especially if he knows you’re doing his laundry. A brief review to complete the fidelity test as fully as possible is therefore still recommended.
Those who ask a lot, learn a lot! It’s best to start having more intense conversations with his friends. Try in an unobtrusive way to get accurate information about nights when your partner was out with his friends. It’s always best to note when he actually came home and compare the dates. If the information matches, he has passed the loyalty test again.

Keep an eye on him when he returns home from a pretend night out with his buddies to see how he reacts.
Does he hug you first or rush to the shower?
Smell his clothes when he does. Do you notice unusual smells?
Repeat this part of the loyalty test several times, paying attention to every detail.
You can act more preventively if your partner has passed all the tests in your fidelity test so far, but you still feel that something is wrong.
Have your closest friend reserve a rental car for you.

Dress up with wig, new clothes and hat and spy on him with the unknown car.
If your own research didn’t help and you still have an uneasy feeling that the partner might be unfaithful to you, the only thing that can help is a loyalty testing agency. In fact, there are agencies that hire women specifically to test the fidelity of married men or men in committed relationships.
The ladies’ attempts at seduction are then recorded on camera. This is probably one of the most effective tests of fidelity because it gives you absolute proof of his fidelity or infidelity on tape and he has no way of talking his way out of it.
Man has a need for security.

Everyone wants their relationship to be stable and happy because it makes them feel secure and relaxed.
Statistically, depending on the survey, between one third and one half of all Germans have cheated on a relationship partner at least once in their lives. The concern that a partner might fulfill sexual desires or fantasies outside the partnership is therefore quite legitimate. The idea of having fidelity tested is therefore understandable.
For example, experts still think it’s a bad idea to test partner loyalty through a loyalty agency. Even if a relationship had that kind of monitoring dynamic, I’m not convinced it could be saved. Obviously, the basis of trust has already been destroyed.


Are you now not quite sure if your partner is cheating on you? We’ll be happy to help you with a loyalty test!


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